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Software Development Service

AllZone Tech lays a huge emphasis on custom software development. It is a purpose-built software to support processes swiftly and productively. It evolves from designing, creating, developing & maintaining software for specific users, organizations, and functions. This program holds immense importance as it aims in meeting unique requirements at a cost-competitive with purchasing and maintaining software.

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Custom Software Development

It evolves from designing, creating, developing & maintaining software for specific users, organizations.

Software Product Development

We help Companies build SaaS, mobile and desktop products, and consistently grow it to a full-blown product with major releases every 2-4 weeks.

Hire a Developer

Passionate developers who work as a protracted team to generate software solutions to boost your interest in the digital realm.

Support of Existing Software

We provide support for your existing software, continuous software performance monitoring, proactive optimization and fast issue resolution, safely add new features and integrations.

Technology Stack We Work On

Back End Programming Languages

Front End Programming Languages


Javascript Frameworks


Databases / data storages



Big Data




CI/CD Tools


Software Development Methodologies We Employ

We adopt Agile the iterative approach with an emphasis on collaboration and continuous improvement. Software is developed in small portions and new features are delivered on a regular basis.

Software development is done in Sprints, 2-3-week iterations with identified granular goals and backlogs. The following practices are common: sprint planning meeting, daily stand-ups, sprint review (and demo), retrospective, backlog refinement.

The work is done in very short Sprints, often daily. Daily (or once in 2 days) meetings are held to discuss progress and priorities. The team uses the Kanban Board that provides a clear representation of all project activities, responsible persons, and progress.

Best for small and midsize projects with clearly defined and unchanging requirements, projects requiring formal approvals (governmental projects and projects for big corporations), projects with strict compliance requirements.

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