Software Consultancy

AllZone Tech helps its valuable clients in identifying the technological barriers that persist between the customer and lucrative business. For this purpose, highly experienced consultants are employed to provide technical and functional assistance timely. Since the emergence, our promising consultants are providing advisory services that are honest, unbiased, fruitful, and recommend the optimum configuration demanded by the client.

Our consultants can help you in the following ways:

  • Your business ideology will be reviewed by our professional consultant in order to study your current implemented strategy to modify if needed.
  • Develop highly functional qualitative modifications & system changes.
  • Documenting business requirements
  • Testing solutions to make sure they meet customer requirements.
  • We believe in delivering our services from start to final stage.

Custom Software Development

AllZone Tech lays a huge emphasis on custom software development. It is a purpose-built software to support processes swiftly and productively. It evolves from designing, creating, developing & maintaining software for specific users, organizations, and functions. This program holds immense importance as it aims in meeting unique requirements at a cost-competitive with purchasing and maintaining software.

Desktop Software Development

AllZone Tech is sedulously working on the emerging needs in the software co-op. For this purpose, Desktop software development has outdistanced Desktop application development which has dominated software houses for many years.


To ensure software quality assurance, we have employed professionals to assure that all software engineering processes, methods, activities, and work items are monitored and comply with the defined standards. These defined standards could be one or a combination of any like ISO 9000, CMMI model, and much more. SQA incorporates all software development processes starting from defining requirements to coding until release. The prime goal is to ensure quality.

Support and Maintenance

We proactively cope up with the maintenance of the software to ensure that your running software is bug-free at deployment. We follow the best application software maintenance practices to make your software robust & secure. Our software support services include adaptive, corrective, perfective, and preventive maintenance and support. Once the software is live, our team copes up with the runtime issues as soon as possible to sustain the production environment. Our knowledge repositories on enterprise applications will make it simpler for you to grasp our transparent methodologies and will also provide close-knit support.

Mobile Application Development

We have employed the best mobile application developers to develop applications that are useful, innovative, and user-friendly. We also work on custom applications specific to work requirements. While developing an application, we keep customer demands in mind and translate them into mobile application framework and software requirements.

Android App Development

AllZone Tech offers Android mobile application services. Our tech experts can rival any premium app in the market today. Our technicians are known for incorporating the client’s business objectives in mobile applications and represent them in a user-friendly manner.

IOS App Development

You can bring your ideas to life with the power of XCode, the ease swift and the revolutionary features of cutting-edge Apple technologies, you have the freedom to create the most innovative applications with the help of our experts.

Hybrid App Development

We offer you the most effective and efficient hybrid app development services that will facilitate all your audience across all platforms without any failure. A wide array of top-notch specialized hybrid apps is offered to our valuable clients all over the world from a budding start-up to a million-dollar business.

Hire a developer

Passionate and competent developers are hired by AllZone Tech: who work as a protracted team to generate software solutions to boost your interest in the digital realm. We own specialized promising employees to guide and aid services in technical domains. Further, you can engage expert services to surmount your digital challenges.

Network Virtual Assistant

For our valuable clients, highly skilled and qualified virtual assistants are hired to provide timely administrative, technical, and creative business support services.

Dedicated Team

We have teamed up with hardworking employees to cater to our client needs as it is our utmost priority. we always strive to select the perfect team for our valuable clients. Our specialists are chosen on project evaluation and requirements. We understand the nature of tasks in order to provide timely solutions to our clients.

UI/UX Design

We own a phenomenal team of UI/UX designers who provide optimal, intuitive, efficient design services. Our designers are responsible for gathering and evaluating user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers. Storyboards, flowcharts, and sitemaps are used for illustrating designs. We value the proven principle of UI/UX, but at the same time we adopt innovative UI/UX concepts and continuously develop in the field of Artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and 3D Animation. Our UI/UX design services convey the essence of your brand, improving and turning the interaction between companies and customers into favorable business opportunities.


A software development strategy that bridges the gap between the developers and the IT staff. With DevOps, organizations can release miniature features quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive instantly. The benefit of DevOps is that it lessens software failure and shortened the required time between fixes. Our engineers understand Software Development Lifecycle & have an outright understanding of various automation tools

Web Development

AllZone Tech being a prominent web site development company that executes web development solutions, our team consider the illustration structure and organize every step of the technique. We won’t end working until you have the website you desire. Having an excellent website means more than having one that looks good. The arrangement of the site’s navigation, text, and graphics, all add to this experience. Our professionals are really proud to have been recognized by a variety of key business organizations for our success in design, development, and branding.

WordPress Development

WordPress platform is flexible, scalable, and is free to use. We have employed exceptional WordPress developers who are specialized in creating and implementing websites for our valuable clients. Their prime focus is to aid clients from the conceptual phase till the testing phase of the desired derived site. They do so by utilizing WordPress to code and create sites via photoshop layouts. WordPress is an incredibly flexible site giving people all the freedom to create a site of their own. This powerful site builder and content management system aims to make it possible for anyone to create an online presence in minutes. It is software for everyone.

Web Design

AllZoneTech, digital company specializes in professional website design and development which focus on reaching your business goals. We are experienced in web page design, developing and hosting websites that suit your requirements. The different areas of web design include graphic website design, attractive responsive website designs, and cool website layouts. Looking for a web development company for your enterprise, then we are the one.


Exceptionally phenomenal staff is employed by AllZone Tech for search engine optimization strategies. Their main focus is to acquire website traffic and high search results rankings organically. Within, SEO there is a wide variety of strategies to accomplish the aforementioned goals which are modified constantly in order to remain effective as an internet search engine continuously updates algorithms. Our strategist, monitor the success of their strategies through accurate analytics

Content writing

AllZone Tech paves a way for young entrepreneurs who have a keen interest in content writing. Creative and hardworking writers are employed to produce relevant and useful content for our audience. Through their content, they try to resolve the issues raised by our clients. This effective approachable us to enlighten our clients on various perspectives.

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