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Sumaira R.

Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 1

Skills: ReactJsNextJsMaterial-UITypeScriptJavaScript


  • Verbal:
  • Written:

Top Skills

  • ReactJs: 1 Years
  • NextJs: 1 Years
  • TypeScript: 1 Years
  • JavaScript: 1 Year
  • Material-UI: 1 Year


AllZone Technologies

Frontend Developer

  • Sumaira who has 1 year of experience developing software solutions that holds excellence and quality.
  • Demonstrates strong analytical acumen, swiftly grasping complex system issues and delivering effective solutions.
  • A proficient front-end developer known for crafting visually stunning and user-friendly web applications.
  • Possesses expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end frameworks like React and Next.js. A detail-oriented professional with a passion for creating responsive and intuitive designs.
  • Demonstrates a fervent enthusiasm for learning new technologies within web development.
  • Holds a background in Computer Sciences.
  • Proficient in using collaborative tools like Jira and Trello.
  • Comfortable and actively engages in collaborative discussions.
  • Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to collaborate seamlessly within a team environment. I am confident in my capacity to deliver high-quality results promptly.

Technologies: React JS, Material-UI, React Query, TypeScript, JavaScript, Carbon Design System


Student CRUD Application

Front End Developer

A minimalist design application has been developed to facilitate smooth CRUD operations and store data locally. The application includes functionality for adding student data, modifying saved student data, and deleting records.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Developed the application from scratch, contributing to both the front end and the backend.
  • Utilized Node.js to support the backend infrastructure.
  • Implemented MongoDB for storing and manipulating data.
  • Incorporated Material Design and TypeScript for presenting student data.
  • Added functionality for adding student data, modifying saved student data, and deleting records.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Material UI, React.



The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software solution designed to enhance organizational efficiency in managing HR functions. This system offers a centralized platform for effectively handling employee data, payroll, benefits administration, and various other HR-related processes.

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Front-end Developer
  • Create static pages using React with TypeScript (React-TS).
  • Integrate pages with APIs.

Technologies: React, Next.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Vite, Material-UI, React Query


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

University of Lahore

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Allzone Award

Awarded Best Software House Presidential Award 2023.

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