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Dilawar K.

Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 3

Skills: NodeJsNextReactJsMongoDBExpress JsTypeScriptJavaScript


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Top Skills

  • NodeJs: 3 Years
  • ExpressJs: 3 Years
  • ReactJs: 2 Years
  • MongoDB: 3 Year
  • React Native: 1 Years


AllZone Technologies

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

  • He is a young passionate JavaScript engineer having over a year of work experience.
  • He has good experience in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material UI, Carbon Design System, JavaScript, React.js, Git and Github, Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, MongoDB, TypeScript, React Native.
  • He has mainly worked on projects in industries like Insurance and Health
  • He is passionate about learning new technologies of web development.
  • Naturally organized and methodical with strong attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of using tools like Jira, Trello.
  • Comfortable participating in collaborative discussions.

Technologies: Dotnet Core, Restful Api’s, Entity-framework Core, MariaDB


Affine Health Project

JavaScript Developer

This project is created to provide help to the health care data workers and departments to make their RAW health care data to actionable insights and provide visualization. It empowers the user to access the most streamlined version of healthcare data by integrating data into common data integration Model (CDM) based on the observational medical outcomes. This platform basically allows the users to cut out the cost and time required for analyzing the data. The goal of this platform was to create a no code platform where you can upload the raw data and get the insights by applying Machine Learning and data analysis algorithms.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Contribution to the project by working as a team player.
  • Working on the front-end to integrate API data.

Technologies: React Js, Carbon Design System, React Query, Formik, e-charts, Carbon Charts, React Router.

Student Administration Portal

JavaScript Developer

A student portal where data is stored with their specific personal details like Name, Father Name, Roll No and Class etc.

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Made this application from scratch and worked on front end as well with backend.
  • Used Node.Js to support the backend.
  • Implemented MongoDB to store and manipulate the data.
  • Used the Material Design and Typescript to show students’ data.

Technologies: React Js, Material UI, React Query, Typescript, Node Js, Express, MongoDB


JavaScript Developer

A mobile application which allows people to show data of the needy people so they can donate medicines.

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Led the development of a mobile app (Pharmico) using Flutter, MySQL, and Node.js to let people donate medicines.
  • Developed a responsive and user-friendly interface to make the application accessible on different devices.
  • Worked with a team of developers to design and implement the front-end, business logic, and server side

Technologies: Flutter, MySQL, and Node.Js


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Punjab

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Allzone Award

Awarded Best Software House Presidential Award 2023.